nanashi redux

big n breezy in the ueno, nanashi was the place for a hungry rolling shoe. it had been a long time since shoe last hit nanashi, an he didnt even remember it at first, til the bowl was placed in front of him. there they were -- the beans! "ah-HA, so there's a nanashi in ueno!" shoe mused before stickin' his mug in the mix.

rollickin' good tonkotsu, wit a ring o' roasted garlick dancin' around the top o' the bowl. shoe gots some extra nori (thats the seaweed for ya dummies) an the EGG worked well this time round. an the beans, the green green beans added a little somethin', perty good if a little unorthodoxxx.

an thar she blew..

three jolly greens for the nanashi



thats all that needs to be said of tha nantsu-tei.

usually there's a lineup of a hunnerd boogers long gummin' up the works at shinatatsu in shinagawa, but not last nite. the rain came. shoe gots in, gots sorted in ten minutes an' got to smankin'. the djay was poundin' the hard metal to boot, an' shoe was phuckin that bowl up! \m/

this was all that wuz left in the end..

three chacs, the rain god, for nantsu-tei

the bowl for when it hurts..

shoe was fresh from defeat onna bball court, whipped, salty n sweaty, drained n gone gone gone... wanderin' without a clue in the 'boo, lookin' to lick the wounds. a good bowl was in order.

an so shoe wandered a far an wide, waay wayy up centa-gai til he found the place he knew he had ta be: the hashibayan from kyushu. a little outta the way, the djay spinnin' some fresh-ass festival wax.

shoe needed a whole lotta consolin', an so a big bowl was in order. he went for tha tonkotsu-shio, along with the monster topping set.
an twenny minutes later shoe was onna top o the world again. the wiggid-awesome toppings an a scoop or two o the hot shtuff, plus a tongfull o gin-JA did it, baybee.

an the noodles? fuggedabaoutit. perfection.

shoe's gonna haveta hit this joint again to get the ninki-numba-wan masumune

three loaded salarymens for loaded hashibayan.

back in bid'ness

awrite, so here we are on the cusP o' autumn, an' shoe's thoughts turn to the rramen an' the cold cold times ahead, the endless tedium o' running from one train to another, ramblin' through slushy streets o fog an sleet, waitin', waitin' for a hot coffee to ward off the cold, the bitter cold, an' all tha..PHUCK!

that's for laters. this is the now, an' its still kinda warm n stuff. shoe had some time to burn in the 'boo, so decided to ramble a bit an' knock off one o the many new ramen joints he been spotting the last few months.

one at a time. this one is half new to the ole bolog here. the kamado, in collaboration with some phuck off trendy shoppe called kookai (umlats!). forget aboot the kookai, its the kamado we be talkin bout. this is a bowl, solid as gold, an workin' the style, hard. the sign on the door says it all,

three icy hot stuntaz for kamado/kookai

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